What Is A Company Summary

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What Is A Company Summary?

Did you Google what is a company summary looking to learn what should go into a company summary section in a business plan? This short answer is, if you are a start-up, the company summary piece is little more than an overview of what you do and the things your business model aims to deliver to the market. This section is an overview in the truest sense and seeks only to give a snapshot of your vision, products, etc. If you're already in business, this section of the plan takes on a different shape: it should explain your founding, recent history, and growth trajectory to date:

• Who are the owners?
• When was the business incorporated?
• What state are you registered in and where do you do business?
• How have sales been year over year?
• What does your balance sheet look like?

The past performance section for an existing business typically pulls together three years of balance sheets and profit and loss statements to give a quick visual snapshot of the company and its success to date. Often tucked into the plan after the executive summary but before the true body of the document, it is designed to tell a funding source (banker or investor) everything they need to know about your history in one digestible piece of paper. Need help writing a good one? MasterPlans can take your words and stats and make it all shine. We have been retained for business planning services by hundreds of existing businesses including Fortune 1000 caliber firms. Call us today at 877-453-2011.

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