Reality TV Show Business Plan

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Reality TV Show Business Plan

The reality TV show business plan is a very interesting document to try to piece together. Like with a film pitch or a proposal to get funding for a book or an art project, the medium itself is highly subjective and making a case for its profitability is a tricky affair. Your best with the reality TV show business plan is to approach the document much the same way you would think about a pitch. Can you describe the concept and talk about how similar programs have been successful? Is there any research available about what a comparable show helped generate in sponsorship revenues, increased viewership, and so forth? This is the sort of data you need to search for. Try to explain:

• What is your vision for the program?
• How does this show differ from competitors, or are there any?
• What are the details about the show—episode length, content, run, etc.?
• Where would filming occur and who are the real-life actors?
• Who are you targeting when it comes to the audience?

The reality TV show business plan should have at least a brief pro forma financial analysis. This won't take quite the same form as it would in a standard proposal for funding, because you don't offer a consumable product the way a wraps shop or hardware store does. But what sort of increased revenues have popular shows like The Real World, Jersey Shore, or Laguna Hills earned for those involved? What do the channels that market these programs pay the people involved? You can find this information in articles online, and these data points can begin to inform your own model. If you want to entrust this plan to the experts, call MasterPlans. We have worked on many movie and TV pitch plans and our team of writers can be a great asset to you: (877) 453-2011.

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