Online Classifieds Business Plan

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Online Classifieds Business Plan

The online classifieds business plan invites a lot of interesting questions. Ever since the newspaper began its slow decline in relevance and sites like Craigslist took hold with consumers, it has been clear that the future of the classified ad lies online, not in a "hard-copy" print publication. But is the space already too crowded? You need a niche or a special approach to cash flow the overhead and web development costs, and you need a strong grasp of how to keep your marketing in line and your user rates high. An online classifieds business plan needs to answer:

• How much will website build-out cost you?
• How about ongoing maintenance and updates?
• What is the mechanism for revenue?
• How will you differentiate the platform from Craigslist?
• What is the start-up period and how will you allocate your funding?

The business plan will require a detailed set of financial projections that show the potential profitability of your site over a period of five years (required by most investors). These schedules should show the break-even point, the projected sales, the profit and loss, cash flow, and a balance sheet for each year. The business plan also has to provide an in-depth market analysis that looks at the user base you are targeting and gives an intelligent assessment of the risks involved in going up against the established websites in this space. A keen marketing plan and a personnel plan/executive team overview are also required. Need assistance? can develop this entire business plan for you in as little as 7-10 days. Call our company today to learn more about your future business planning success! (877) 453-2011

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