Egg Layer Business Plan

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Egg Layer Business Plan

Trying to find an egg layer business plan? With a huge movement afoot in US metro areas to have chickens in residential properties, there is a clear interest in free-range, chemical-free eggs for human consumption. And small farms can take this to the next level, hosting a whole group of chickens in coops and outbuildings designed to make it possible to cultivate and market a large quantity of eggs. But the simplicity ends there. A business plan describing this sort of business opportunity needs to make a clear case for why the company can be successful and what needs to happen in order for consistent revenues to be guaranteed. The document you need should show the following:

• What sort of chickens will you acquire/raise?
• How many animals do you envision having?
• What is the average weekly output per animal?
• How do you sell the eggs on the open market?
• What marketing do you need to undertake?

Importantly, the business plan will also need to outline all of your start-up costs including the costs associated with any equipment purchases or facility/materials rental. Will you build the coops yourself? Do you need to buy any equipment outright? What measures will you put in place to ensure the chickens' safety and what money will be set aside for medical needs? These are just some of the questions you'll have to answer in the plan. An egg layer business model also should be included, which will need to show 3 years of anticipated revenues, a break-even point, and your profit and loss and balance sheet statements. Bankers will check your cash flow and your first year estimates to make sure the venture is worthy of a loan. MasterPlans can write the business plan you need cover to cover. Call a consultant today to learn more about what we offer: (877) 453-2011.

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