Cattle Fattening Business Plan

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Cattle Fattening Business Plan

A cattle fattening business plan sometimes accompanies the funding documents designed for farms and meat operations. Rarely is cattle fattening its own business, in other words, but often it's a vital component of a cattle raising operation and is therefore described in detail in a section of a larger business plan. Cattle fattening can take many forms, though it traditionally involves feeding cows that are kept in a tight enclosure a fat-rich diet designed to get their mass up. A business plan for a company that works in this industry should describe several things:

• The nature of the service itself
• The costs involved, both one-time (at start-up) and ongoing
• Your typical clients and the target end-use consumer
• Any marketing required of the business
• The competition you face, if any

If you know of a company working in a fashion similar to the one you envision, then they are called a "competitive comparable" and you can learn a lot about what needs to go into your business plan by looking at their operations. What are their average prices and revenues? How many people do they employ? Knowing these figures can help inform your assumptions table and lead to a tighter market analysis and financial pro forma. Ultimately your plan will need at least a 3-year model showing revenues, break-even point, profit and loss, cash flow, and a balance sheet for the life of the plan. MasterPlans can write the cattle fattening business plan for you or consult on your larger meat industry project. Call a trained consultant today at 877-453-2011.

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