Business Plan For Apartment Complex

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Business Plan For Apartment Complex

The business plan for apartment complex should show the number of units in the building you'll own and give reasonable estimates for the value you can attach to each. What are the prevailing rental rates in your market? What capital improvements (if any) do you need to make to the living quarters prior to occupancy? And what will the ongoing maintenance costs be for you or your contractors on call? These are vital questions for the business plan you will need to prepare. Whether you already own the building and need to upgrade it for new tenants of you're looking to expand into rental real estate, expect challenges ahead in the document. You should cover all of these topics in depth:

• What is the local market like for rentals currently?
• What is the projected growth/contraction?
• What permits or licenses might you need to obtain for retrofitting or upgrades (if applicable)?
• Will the building have any part time employees?
• What amount of funding do you need under this plan?

You will need to show clearly how the funding will be allocated. This is done with a start-up table that includes categorical breakdowns for construction costs, marketing, etc. The issue of ongoing maintenance is not something to be overlooked, as it can erode your profit margin. If you need help determining what these costs are likely to be, you should seek answers from comparable units or talk to other property owners. Are you stumped by the pro forma model or want to have the best possible plan to pitch? MasterPlans can help you pull together the most current market research available. Our team of expert writers and modeling gurus will get you a great business plan draft in as little as 10 days. Call today! (877) 453-2011

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