Business Plan For A Transitional House

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Business Plan For A Transitional House

The business plan for a transitional house should describe the market need for the transitional housing in your area and look closely at alternative providers in the region, both as potential competitors and to gain knowledge of the industry's price points, standards, and shortcomings. A conventional SWOT analysis can show you where there's room for improvement, as well as where your best strengths lie entering or expanding in the industry. As always, if your transitional housing center has already been generating revenue, consider showing those figures in a past performance table. Also:

• Who is your target market?
• How would you define the market need?
• What trends support your mission?
• Do you have a vision or value statement?
• What staffing requirements will the center face?

These questions are just half of the business plan puzzle. An assumptions-tied financial model that estimates revenue and expenses over 3-5 years is also critical. These tables should tie into traditional statements like balance sheet, cash flow, break-even, and a sensitivity assessment. If you are not comfortable piecing together a pro forma or lack the tools to build a cogent market analysis, call MasterPlans. Since 2002 MasterPlans has written original business plans incorporating the best, most current research available with strong financial models for banks and investors. Call 877-453-2011 or fill out a contact form.

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