Beauty Pageant Business Plan

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Beauty Pageant Business Plan

The beauty pageant business plan is a unique document. It's a highly individualized plan that needs to articulate your personal vision for a new beauty pageant. Who will your focus be -- talented older students, younger girls, women of color, or even male contestants? There is a wide variety of beauty contests now, from the world-recognized Miss America to small and regional pageants for middle school age girls. Finding your niche before you put pen to paper on a business plan is important. Your plan should show:

• The market opportunity and consumer interest in pageantry in your region
• A profile of the sort of contestants you'll recruit
• A reasonable assessment of potential profitability at Year 3 and Year 5
• Competitive comparables and salient industry data

The plan also requires a full financial forecast including pro forma P&L, revenue, and cash flow statements with a balance sheet and built-in sensitivity analysis. Provide the investor with an idea of their share or the likely return they can expect, as well as any specific exit you envision, if applicable. MasterPlans can do all this work for you. We have written for several beauty pageant concepts since our 2002 founding and we can deliver research and modeling expertise second to none. Call a consultant today at 877-453-2011.

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