Fire Protection Business Plans

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Fire Protection Business Plans

Fire protection business plans are designed to describe how a company can offer products and services that will help businesses and consumers gird against the threat of fire. The service suite can include anything from consulting to insurance claim filing, while the products might range from fire extinguishers to sprinkler systems to door-sealing devices. The precise outline of your business plan will hinge on what sort of services and products you plan to offer, in addition to the funding you need to seek and the length of time you have been in business (if applicable). For a fire protection company that's already operational, your plan should show:

• The past 2-3 years of balance sheets and P&L statements
• A description of your business performance to date
• A list of major clients or contracts, as applicable
• The major competitors you face in the regional market
• The projected financial performance of your company going forward

The business plan for a fire protection services company should also go into detail about the industry itself and the state of the market locally. Knowing the competitors is part of the equation, but knowing what they charge for comparable services and being able to determine their likely strengths and weaknesses can help you position your own firm for success. Finally, the fire protection business plan will need a financial model that shows how you will spend the seed capital and what you envision sales being year over year for a minimum of 3 years. Need help here? MasterPlans has worked with more than 10,000 clients to date and can develop a great business plan for you in as little as two weeks. Call a consultant today at (877) 453-2011.

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