90-Day Business Plan

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90-Day Business Plan

Need a 90 day business plan? It's true that much like the US presidency, the first few months of your business can be an absolutely make-or-break period. Do you grow steadily during those early months, or dip dangerously close to the cash flow negative point? In order to know for sure, you'll need to develop a pro forma that covers at least your start-up period and the first year of operations. The start-up tables must show how you spend the capital funding you're able to obtain and what assets, cash on hand, and other expenses you encounter before opening the doors. And the pro forma should give an indication of cash flow, expenses, sales, and your break-even point -- even if you won't hit that within 90 days. What else is important to talk about for those first three months?

• competition
• industry movement
• market trends
• expansion opportunities
• staffing requirements
• threats to your business

The plan should furthermore address marketing elements that come into play in the first 90 days (grand opening event? Web marketing? Print ads?) as well as any strategic alliances or industry partnerships that will be vital as you grow. Bear in mind that a 90-day plan won't satisfy SBA requirements, but it can be a great operational roadmap and the "feeder" info for a full plan. No matter what your business planning needs are, MasterPlans can help. We have a team of more than 20 writers, modelers, and editors ready to research and plan for you. Call a consultant now to learn more, or look around this website. Toll-free: 877-453-2011

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