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Business Plan For A Parking Lot

Writing a business plan for a parking lot is the first step to take if you are considering opening a pay-to-park parking lot in a city. These businesses generate revenue from charging people an hourly, daily, or monthly fee in exchange for the right to park their car in a parking lot. Most of these businesses attract customers based on the value of their location and its proximity to major areas. If you're considering writing a business plan for a parking lot, be sure to address the following factors:

• Where will your parking lot be located?
• How many businesses and people are located within five miles of your location?
• How much will you charge for parking in order to stay competitive?
• How many spots will your parking lot have?

By answering these questions in your plan you'll ensure that investors and lenders have a clear idea of your parking lot's potential for success. Although parking lot businesses are relatively easy to plan and operate, business plans can be difficult to prepare. The average entrepreneur spends more than 400 hours writing, researching, preparing and editing their business plan. MasterPlans can save you this time and energy and help get your business rolling. Our experienced staff of writers and researchers have prepared plans for more than 8,000 previous clients. Call us today for a free consultation. 1-877-453-2011.

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