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Paintball Facility Business Plan

The paintball facility business plan shows the potential revenues you can derive from offering paintball center rentals to the public. For the market segmentation, you should clarify whether you intend to cater to single individuals or corporate parties. Also describe the course or facility layout, if known, and include any schematics or photos you might have. Different rental options and the availability of gear should also be outlined in detail so that lenders or potential investors in your paintball center know what visitors will encounter. Also cover these standard topics:

• What is the state of the industry currently?
• What is the demographic makeup of your immediate target audience?
• Which market needs do you fulfill?
• What other paintball or entertainment options pose a direct competitive threat?
• What staffing needs will you encounter?

The staffing question is traditionally covered by including a personnel forecast that shows the hiring plan (positions, number and wage, and timeline) for 3-5 years. The paintball plan needs a pro forma of three years for bankers and five years if being reviewed by prospective investors. Including a sales forecast, break-even point, profit and loss, cash flow, and balance sheet is important, along with a month by month projection for the first year you'll operate with the new funding in hand. Need assistance or input on the model, the market analysis, your competitors, or the current trends in business plan review? Come to MasterPlans, the industry experts. Call us today at 877-453-2011.

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