Sometimes you can’t keep a good design down

Thomas Wilson
November 29, 2016 by

New York City has a weird spot in my heart, a place I have never visited has influenced me a great deal. A lot of the media I consume is created or is based there: comic books(MARVEL), music(A Tribe Called Quest), films(Ghostbusters), art(Warhol), and TV shows(Seinfeld) have all made me feel like I kind of know the place. I do plan on visiting the cultural mecca someday but it hasn’t been in the cards yet.

One thing I look forward to when I get there(besides the great delis and visiting MARVEL HQ) is seeing all the little things that have built the NYC image in my mind such as this iconic coffee cup. While I am not a coffee drinker the Anthora coffee cup design by Leslie Buck for the Sherri Cup Co. has been subtly burned into my mind through years of product placement in TV shows like Mad Men and the many, many Law & Order series. It was first brought to my attention as an iconic design when found the ceramic version for my wife as a gift and now I notice it any time it is on the large or small screen.

It’s that attention to detail I bring to my designs for clients at MasterPlans. If your business plan is lacking that added spark you are looking for perhaps you need a Premium MasterPlan design – ask for it by name and let them know Thomas sent you.


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