Reflecting on “Further Proof Facebook isn’t a Marketing Strategy”

Alicia Luebben
February 15, 2016 by

Back in November of 2008, one of our writers mentioned that ‘Facebook is not a marketing strategy’. The digital world, and how businesses are marketing themselves, has fully evolved, and this claim may now be invalid. According to Business2Community, “Of the 7.2 billion people on earth, 3 billion have Internet access; 2.1 billion are active on social media; and 1.7 billion use social networks from a mobile device (LinkHumans)”.

Of course, Facebook alone should not be a sole marketing strategy; but rather included into a social media category of your businesses entire marketing plan. Including social media outlets like; Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest can organically improve your ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. By posting and reposting relevant content onto your social media channels, your business will likely receive more exposure and reach from your potential audience.

This does not mean you need a large budget for your social media marketing. Small businesses can get by with little to no spending on Facebook and Twitter ads and still get their brand’s message out there. Just a few hours a week posting engaging content on social media may not increase your ROI, but can casually spread the word about your business. ““Engagement” (such as likes, shares, etc.) is considered the most important metric for evaluating social media marketing success, with 80% of marketers identifying it as one of the top three metrics. Audience size (61%) and website traffic (56%) round out the top three” (SimplyMeasured)”.


How does your small business utilize social media? What positive impacts (if any) has it had?

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