More Money: Gamers Not Too Nerdy To Fund.

September 10, 2008 by

-Just in time for fashion week, Stylesight,
a start-up the helps professionals in the fashion industry forecast trends (er, isn’t what that what designers are supposed to be coming up with?) secured $16 million in first round funding last week. They’ll use the investment to expand their research and development department, as well to deliver more content.

-Pressmart Media, “a print-to-digital delivery service for newspaper companies,” raised $6 million in first round funding this week from VC heavyweights Draper Fisher Jurvetson. This investment should come as a surprise to no one, given the struggles of print papers, and the increasing trend toward reading everything online. Pressmart’s current clients include everyone from the Birmingham Post, to CNBC Europe, and the Hindustan Times. They say they’ll use the funding to continue growing their global sales and marketing, as well as customer support.

-Vanu, a start-up that’s developed software radio infrastructures for cell operators, recently closed $32 million in VC funding. Like so many tech geeks before them, the founders developed their product while at MIT. They say they’ll use the investment to expand service throughout India (where they’re based) and to augment their staff.

-Apparently the social networking market isn’t totally saturated. Raptr, a social networking site for gamers, secured $12 million in first round funding this week. The site allows gamers to quickly and easily see which of their friends are online, connect to gamers in other networks, and to share their console achievements, which is exactly as nerdy as it sounds.

-Tableau Software, a data visualization start-up (that means they take data and make pretty charts and graphs with it), raised $10 million in second round VC funding. What sets them apart from other data visualization companies, they say, is that their software is quick to download and easy-to-use. Neat.

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