Buzz is No Buzzword

March 26, 2012 by

Helping people start and expand businesses puts us in a prime spot for seeing the trends that take a powerful hold in the market. Sometimes a trend is just a buzzword: we hear it a few times and it quickly passes (when was the last time someone asked you how you define your co-opetition?). But sometimes we notice a trend that has gone truly viral and becomes a new norm in how people do business.

These days one of the strongest trends is towards the utilization of social media and new marketing tactics that help businesses engage directly with their customer base. This is a powerful concept at its core—the mission of every business is to win over a limited marketplace full of customers, and speaking directly to them offers great potential.

We haven’t just seen more app developers contacting us looking for a plan that will help them find angel investors while they start the next Facebook or Groupon, we’ve also seen a wide variety of traditional businesses adopt marketing strategies that use social media to create buzz about their business, and a lot more instances of an “app development” line in the start-up expenses table. Studies over the last few years have shown small and large businesses alike at different stages of development quickly adopting social media plans.

We’ve become more active social media followers, too, blogging, tweeting, sharing and promoting our clients and partners. We’ve also become experts in helping businesses of all industries to get across how they’re going to leverage their social brand image to speak to their audience. It’s a great strength that investors realize sets even the restaurateur or wholesaler apart, showing dedication to the business and familiarity with the cutting edge.

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